What's New at AISD?

AISD provides expert assistance to the Hopi Tribe with presenting its claims for water rights in the litigation entitled In Re the General Adjudication of All Rights to Use Water in the Little Colorado River System and Source. To support the claim, AISD conducted two...

Public Financial Management contract awarded to AISD partner Nathan Associates

In partnership with AISD, a consortium led by Nathan Associates has been awarded the Public Financial Management (PFM) II IDIQ (Indefinite Delivery Indefinite Quantity), with a ceiling of $457 million over five years. Nathan Associates is a global...

AISD Endorses Principles to Guide Foreign Aid Reform

In 2017, AISD was among 170 organizations and individual to endorse the guiding principles for effective foreign aid reform that were, proposed by the Modernizing Foreign Assistance Network:   Foreign assistance structures should uphold diplomacy and development...

AISD Partners with MSI on USAID Contract in Mozambique

AISDevelopment Corp is a partner of Management Systems International (MSI) under the Mozambique Monitoring and Evaluation Mechanism and Service (MMEMS) project. MMEMS will work with the USAID/Mozambique Mission staff and its implementing partners to improve its...

Water and Development: AISD Works with Hopi Tribe

AISD is conducting an analysis of the potential for the Hopi to develop value and livelihoods from livestock, with a priority focus on water impact and range management.

AISD Introduces Health Impact Assessment Services

Final HIA The United Nations 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development commits to transformative goals (SDGs) that "achieve sustainable development in its three dimensions — economic, social and environmental — in a balanced and integrated manner."   AISD's...

Sustainable Aquaculture as a Solution

AISD has been leader in sustainable aquaculture development as a solution to food security and climate adaptation for over a decade. As wild capture fisheries have struggled with overfishing and reduced fish stocks, aquaculture production has grown to over half of all...

Ciepiela-Kaelin’s contribution to Uganda’s mobile phone technology revolution recognized in Forbes Magazine

Ms. Ciepiela-Kaelin's contribution to the mobile technology revolution in Uganda, was recognized in a September 2014 article in Forbes Magazine. In 2001, Cecilia Ciepiela-Kaelin was part of a team supporting Uganda's competitiveness strategy, when she designed and...

“We will need to take unorthodox steps to tackle overfishing, climate change and pollution of the oceans”

As speaker at the Global Oceans Action Summit, AISD’s Andrew Kaelin presented ALLFISH, a public private partnership (PPP) with the International Coalition of Fisheries Associations (IFCA), World Bank and the Global Environment Facility to promote sustainable fisheries and aquaculture models in developing countries.

ProgramNet Team chosen for Annual USAID Administrator’s Award for Management Improvement

On April 9,2014, the dTS ProgramNet Team, led by Cecilia Ciepiela-Kaelin, was awarded the prestigious Administrator’s Management Improvement Award on April 9, 2014. “This award recognizes individual employees and teams that make significant contributions to improving the way in which the Agency designs and delivers development assistance and/or internal operations and management, which contributes to making the Agency work better and cost less.”

Rainforest Architect Certification

AISD now offers expertise in building trust-based ecosystems that accelerate innovation, entrepreneurship, and creativity.

AISD Partners with TetraTech on new $700m USAID Contract to Support REPLACE Program

AISD is TetraTech’s core partner for sustainable fisheries, mariculture and aquaculture on a new USAID Indefinite Quantity Contract (IQC), Restoring the Environment Through Prosperity, Livelihoods and Conserving Ecosystems (REPLACE).

AISD Partner Management Systems International Awarded $2.5 billion USAID SWIFT Contract

Under a new five year, 2.5 billion contract awarded to Management Systems International (MSI), AISD will be a partner in promoting democracy in post conflict and transitional countries.

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