China Aquaculture Development

For the World Bank and Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), AISD analyzed the financial feasibility of investment proposals under a loan to promote the use of HACCP standards to improve the safety and quality of aquaculture exports, and value-added processing by linking farmers to Asian and US buyers.  AISD provided technical assistance to Chinese enterprises.  Investments were recommended for four processing facilities and a wholesale market, which are projected to create over 1000 new jobs.  (August 2003)

Appraisal, design and supervision of over $650 million World Bank loans to China for aquatic products value chain development, World Bank, 1989 to the present.

  • In China, AISD developed a household contracting model in the aquaculture sector, to help fisherfolk shift from unsustainable capture fisheries to fish farming.  The model is based on a market-based contract farming approach, supported by credits and extension services provided directly by a private sector buyer, rather than relying on poorly funded and inadequate public sector extension services.  This approach has been successful at bringing market opportunities to large numbers of individual households, raising incomes and food security and alleviating poverty, while creating economies of scale and ensuring product safety and quality standards.
  •  In China, AISD developed and applied a “traceability” technique for controlling the quality and safety of shrimp produced in shrimp ponds for export.  By “coding” each pond under a contract farming arrangement, and recording the pond code on each product package, it is possible to trace the product from its original source to the end consumer.  Major US seafood buyers have recognized AISD’s innovation with a ten fold increase in sales for the US commercial importer.  The importer received Darden Restaurants’ (Red Lobster, Olive Garden) Food and Beverage Quality and Safety Award for prevention of use of antibiotics and for extension of shelf life in seafood.  (2001-2002)

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