Uganda Cellphone SMS Fish Price Information System

Uganda, Ms. Ciepiela-Kaelin devised innovative but affordable ways to accelerate access to and utilization of technologies in the fisheries sector that would improve the competitiveness of small producers, processors, and exporters.  In cooperation with MTN (Uganda’s major cellular service provider), SMS-Ads and Impact Associates (a Uganda software company and a small Ugandan consulting firm), launched price information service delivered via cellular phone Short Messaging Service (SMS) to promote greater price transparency in the fisheries sector.  Daily selling prices for fishers, collectors and processors for 10 landing sites on Lake Victoria will be available through SMS at any time of day.  The pilot was successful and MTN subsequently negotiated a long term partnership with Grameen Foundation and local MFIs to extend availability of phones and service to rural women entrepreneurs. (2001-2002)

Ms. Ciepiela-Kaelin’s contribution to the mobile technology revolution in Uganda was recognized in a Forbes article.

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