Iraq Reconstruction

National and Provincial Administrative Reform Project, (Tarabot).

AISD provides project support to Management Services International (MSI) under the $156 million USAID-funded Tarabot project.  USAID is partnering with the Government of Iraq (GoI) to support its strategic goal of strengthening public management institutions and improving service delivery processes through better governance and improved management of human and fiscal resources. The project supports the Prime Minister’s Agenda for Iraqi Development for 2011-2014.  USAID-Tarabot includes three components: Civil Service Reform, National Policy Management, and Administrative Decentralization. These components jointly address key aspects of Iraq’s administrative development, from the development of policy to the dissemination of new methods of governance and the training of a civil service eager to serve the people, and improving the horizontal and vertical linkages between a wide range of government agencies and across fifteen non-federated provinces.

Economic Growth Advisor to USAID/Iraq

Ms  Ciepiela served as Senior Economic Growth Advisor to the USAID/Iraq mission and  Office of Iraq Reconstruction,supporting development of  a new Economic Growth strategy and designing a $60 million financial sector development project.  (January 2009-July 2010)

Iraq Marshlands Restoration Project (IMRP)

AISD provided expert advice to the  on hatching and rearing of a native species, Barbus Sharpeyi in order to re-stock the marsh areas for local production. (2005)

Iraq Community Action Program (ICAP)

For USAID/Iraq, AISD designed, organized and facilitated a series of three workshops in Amman, Jordan to support the $70 million  to create jobs through community participation in reconstruction and development.  Participants were representatives of five non-government organizations:  Mercy Corps, International Reconstruction and Development (IRD), ACDI/VOCA, Save the Children, and Cooperative Housing Foundation (CHF).  (2003-2004)

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