Experienced | Creative | Passionate

Cecilia Ciepiela-Kaelin

President, CEO, Economic Development and Urban Planner

Danielle Duran

Public Policy and Government Affairs Specialist

Esteban Enriquez Salazar

Contracts and Grants Officer, Program Manager

Making Change Happen

AISDevelopment Corporation (AISD) is about creating new ways to think about and solve the complex challenges of equitable socio-economic development and climate change.

Working with Urban Complexity

Understanding urban, rural and biological ecosystems and their interdependence is a core focus of AISD’s urban planning and design strategies.

Creating Climate Resilience

AISD specializes in environmentally sustainable aquaculture, fisheries, and coastal resources management to build resilience of coastal communities and urban ecosystems.

Linking Communities to Markets

AISD services are aimed at linking communities to markets to create economic and social opportunity, by leveraging private sector business models that integrate community development, competitiveness and sustainable use of natural resources.

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