About AISDevelopment Corporation

AISDevelopment Corporation (AISD) creates new ways to think about and solve the complex challenges of equitable socio-economic development and climate change.  Our services are based on an ecosystems approach that integrates sustainable economic development, urban planning and climate change.

Making Change Happen

AISD understands that technical solutions only have impact when they are grounded in a process of inclusive change that entails facilitation, information, communications, systems thinking and policy research, combined with a willingness to think big and try new things.  AISD is driven by the principles embodied in Buckminster Fuller’s quote:  “You never change things by fighting the existing reality.  To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.”

Working with Urban Complexity

As urbanization accelerates, cities are becoming laboratories for exploring and creating sustainable solutions and innovations that address the complex and interdependent economic, social and climate challenges faced by developing countries today.  Cities are complex ecosystems that operate at a scale that can enable cost effective and transformational change.  Their complexity compels a multi-dimensional and multi-disciplinary approach in a context of uncertainty and non-linearity. AISD believes that urbanization will be the core driver and integrating principle of sustainable development, climate adaptation and poverty reduction in the coming years.

Creating Climate Resilience

AISD’s offers integrated solutions that address the multiple related challenges of land use, adaptation, community development and policy innovation  to address the present and future risks of extreme natural events, climate change and sea level rise for coastal communities and urban settlements. Our approach to sustainable fisheries and aquaculture development balances the demands of economic growth and food security with sustainable coastal resources management and resilience.

Linking Communities to Markets

At its core, AISD is about creating economic opportunity for communities and enterprises.  Our economic growth strategies take into account changes in the structure of global market and the future impacts of climate change on production, consumption, infrastructure, and financial risk.

Our Logo

The AISD logo is based on the Native American “dreamcatcher”, a round wooden hoop surrounding a web with a hole in the center. According to legend, the dreamcatcher helps “people reach their goals, making good use of their ideas, dreams and visions.” It is designed to capture good ideas and allow bad ones to go through.

AISD chose this symbol because it reflects our approach to capturing opportunity by building on the ideas and experiences of individuals, communities and enterprises, to help them achieve their goals. The web in the middle of the AISD logo also represents for us the community, market and technology networks through which we work. Lastly, we embedded the dreamcatcher within the Zia Sun symbol, a symbolic reference to New Mexico state where we are located, and a reflection of the global focus of our work.

AISD offers its clients and partners high-quality services and competitive advantages as a small, woman-owned Hubzone company with strong technical and professional networks and flexible contract mechanisms.

SBA Hubzone Certification

AISD is an SBA-Certified HUBZone Company

Located in Taos, New Mexico, AISDevelopment is qualified as a HUBZone company, registered with the Small Business Administration under PRONET Number: P0248147.  The purpose of the HUBZone program is to provide federal contracting assistance for qualified SBCs (small business concerns) located in historically underutilized business zones in an effort to increase employment opportunities, investment, and economic development in such areas.   HUBZone contracts are awarded to a qualified HUBZone SBC through the following procurement methods:

(a) Sole source awards to qualified HUBZone SBCs;
(b) Set-aside awards based on competition restricted to qualified HUBZone SBCs; or
(c) Awards to qualified HUBZone SBCs through full and open competition after a price evaluation preference in favor of qualified HUBZone SBCs.

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Federal IDIQ Mechanisms


USAID Restoring the Environment Through Prosperity, Livelihoods and Conserving Ecosystems (REPLACE)

AISD is TetraTech‘s core partner for sustainable fisheries, mariculture and aquaculture under USAID‘s REPLACE mechanism.  REPLACE provides a framework for USAID to address local and global stresses and threats to best achieve sustained management of natural resources for future generations. It utilizes integrated approaches to landscape and seascape management to build resilient and productive communities while conserving the natural resource base, maintaining vital ecosystem goods and services and, where needed, assisting in the regeneration of degraded natural assets.  These approaches will enhance livelihoods and economic options through sound resource use,improve resource governance, reduce conflicts and enhance social capital and environmental stewardship. The Nature, Wealth and Power (NWP) approach presented provides a testedUSAID paradigm to best support the potential for scaling-up & sustaining impact to address the growing demands on natural resources as a result of climate change and increased demands on land and water resources.

Contact:  John Nittler, John.Nittler@tetratech.com or Matthew Edwardsen Matthew.Edwardsen@tetratech.com

USAID Support Which Implements Fast Transitions IV (SWIFT IV) 

Under a new five year, 2.5 billion contract awarded to Management Systems International (MSI),  AISD will partner in promoting   democracy in post conflict and transitional countries.   The Support Which Implements Fast Transitions IV (SWIFT IV) Indefinite Quantity Contract (IQC) is to provide the USAID’s Office of Transition Initiatives (OTI) with the means to support U.S. foreign policy objectives by helping local partners advance peace and democracy in priority countries undergoing political or post-conflict transitions. OTI’s program team, comprised of OTI and contractor personnel, will work on the ground in countries undergoing a political or post-conflict transition to provide fast, flexible, short-term assistance targeted at key political transition and stabilization needs.  MSI is a subsidiary of TetraTech.

Contact:  Joel Jutkowitz, JJutkowitz@msi-inc.com


Afghanistan Alternative Livelihoods IQC DAI
PLACE IQC Chemonics
Technical Services

Economic Development

  • Sustainable fisheries and aquaculture
  • Coastal resources management
  • Agriculture Value Chains
  • Market assessment and development strategies
  • Information and communications technologies for development
  • Local economic development

Sustainable Urban Planning and Design

  • Urban ecosystems
  • Sustainable transportation strategies
  • Performance and impact monitoring & evaluation services for urban planning

Innovation Systems Design

  • Ecosystem Architecture
  • Design thinking
  • Social media strategies
  • Information design and data visualization


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AISD provides expert assistance to the Hopi Tribe with presenting its claims for water rights in the litigation entitled In Re the General Adjudication of All Rights to Use Water in the Little Colorado River System and Source. To support the claim, AISD conducted two...

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